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Violence Prevention Workshop

Violence Prevention Program

Our signature program, “Raising a City of Champions” (RaCC) is modeled from the SURVIVE Community Project and based upon similar children’s mental health programs implemented with urban youth of color and their families in several major U.S. cities. It is a family-based intervention designed to target the harmful effects of exposure to family and community violence on urban youth and their parents. 

Our RaCC Program assists parents to identify adaptive strategies for self-care and the care of their children in a violent environment. Parents obtain an increased awareness of the impact that being exposed to violence has for them and their children. They learn strategies for providing appropriate structure for their children while enhancing communication with them. 

The RaCC program seeks to strengthen the effectiveness of the parent-child relationship with our adapted 8-week curriculum. It is offered in partnership with established community organizations providing services to families in the urban setting. Facilitators are local professionals that speak different languages and have a clear understanding of the topics of concern in multicultural, multilingual immigrant communities.

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