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Community Support Program (CSP)

The CSP Program is designed to provide individuals and families with resources necessary to lead productive lives, such as referrals to transitional assistance, housing support services, food banks, job training, mental health support, and educational forums.  Our multilingual program staff provides care coordination, and when possible, provides emergency financial assistance to households.

Our team provides additional support to agencies that require additional language and cultural capacity, playing an instrumental role in: 

  • connecting vulnerable populations to care coordination services, 

  • providing evidence-based education on violence prevention, and 

  • expanding specialized language services to vulnerable populations.


CVWU staff engage with community partners to identify services that are offered, then assist in filling the gaps with care coordination services ensuring vulnerable populations are empowered to take advantage of culturally appropriate services. Through our partnerships, our staff is able to provide linguistically diverse support to agencies that have been struggling to offer services to vulnerable populations.


 Coordination and assistance services:

  • Access to healthcare providers for physical and mental support 

  • Services for marginalized intimate partner violence survivors

  • Food insecurity assistance

  • Job training

  • Housing assistance

  • Financial assistance

Father and Daughter with Grocery

Reach out to us if you would like to inquire about CSP or are seeking assistance. 

Wellness Support Groups

CVWU facilitates several wellness-based support groups in the top three languages most widely spoken by regional immigrant populations: Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole, and Spanish. These support groups act as safe spaces for individuals to talk and connect with one another. With these support groups, CVWU is effectively able to provide a safe environment to those seeking support escaping from an abusive or potentially violent situation. Groups are offered to both men and women.

Reach out to us for more information on group location and times.

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