Support Groups/ Workshops

Support Groups/ Workshops

Cape Verdean Women United offers several support groups and workshops
throughout the year to women and youth of different ages and cultures. Groups
typically run from 8-10 weeks and participants are provided with additional
resources based on their needs identified during the groups.

The Word on the Street workshop offered to girls ages 13-18 educates and
empowers young women and girls. This 8-week workshop aims to increase self-
esteem in girls. Discussion topics include social pressure, healthy relationships,
safe dating, and media safety.

The Youth Anxiety Group offered to boys and girls ages 8-11 helps children
identify anxiety triggers, and restructure negative thought patterns.

Our Haitian Women’s Support Group and Cape Verdean Women’s support group
are facilitated by mental health professionals from the community that speak
different languages. The group discussions are guided by the participants in a
supportive, safe, judgement free environment. The women share stories,
resources and build friendships.

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