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Sabura Youth Programs, Inc.

CVWU has partnered with SABURA to offer our youth version of the RaCC program. “SABURA” is Cabo Verdean Kriolu for fun! It’s the joy you feel at seeing a loved one or experiencing your passion. The organization chose this name to rebrand the experiences of education & recreation for Brockton children and parents. SABURA serves over 160 families in Brockton, MA including youth from diverse immigrant families—with a majority from Cabo Verde, and others from the Caribbean and Africa. The parent group offers year-round programs and training for adult family members. Programs are held year-round and include events and tutoring. Our signature is the summer program. SABURA summer program is held for six weeks, between July and August, and runs from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 3 pm. The wide-ranging activities include the following: Arts & Crafts, Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics, and TKD), Gardening, Science or STEM projects, music & dance, theater, writing, and our trademark program, “Back to Our Roots” which is a class on culture, history, and language. Learn more about SABURA at

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