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Brockton Ault Leaning Center

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Brockton Public School- Adult Learning Center

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Since 2018, through the community benefits funding support of the Good Samaritan Medical Center, CVWU has been partnering with the Brockton Public School- Adult Learning Center to offer the Raising a City of Champions (RaCC) program.

After seeing a lack of culturally appropriate violence prevention and mental health programs offered in the community, RaCC was launched as a new outreach initiative aimed toward providing resources and education to immigrant communities and young people of color.

The eight-week program is meant to equip participants to have an open discussion with their families about the impact of violence in the community and relationships.  Other topics discussed during the weekly workshops are topics such as, violence prevention, safety preparedness, immigrant trauma, violence in social media, etc. Each week participants are given an assignment to take back to their families to do together, with the goal of motivating families to begin or continue a discussion on how violence can be prevented at home and/or in the community.

Program participants have reported genuinely enjoying the collegial atmosphere created for the group discussions and learning a lot about simple steps they can take at home and with children to prevent incidences of violence.

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