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Through the ongoing MA Department of Public Health collaborative grant, “Promoting Healthy Relationships and Addressing Teen Dating Violence Grant Program”, CVWU is currently partnered with  Family and Community Resources, Inc.(FCR), an agency supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro South(BGCMS), a community-based youth development organization, to provide healthy relationships training for youth ages 12-18 and helping adults residing in the City of Brockton.

CVWU has a proven track record of bringing organizations in the community together to discuss issues of violence within the cultural context of the community served in Brockton. We are proud to be a true community partner! We work hard to promote and implement culturally appropriate programs in the community, engaging community members with lived experiences, and working to facilitate sensitive discussion topics with cultural humility and respect.

Under this partnership CVWU will be offering the “Safe Dates” program. Our goals are to:

  • work with youth to promote healthy relationships of all kinds and to prevent sexual violence and harmful relationships in their lives and communities.

  • work together to adopt policies and practices within youth-serving organizations or school-based settings to reduce sexual assault and dating violence among youth.  

  • collaborate to build capacity of partner agencies to support youth, value youth leadership, and safely, effectively, and sustainably continue working with youth to promote healthy relationships and prevent harmful behaviors.

To learn more about the Safe Dates program, click the following link: Safe Dates: An Adolescent Dating Abuse Prevention Curriculum

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