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Family and Community Resources, Inc.

Through the ongoing MA Department of Public Health collaborative grant, “Promoting Healthy Relationships and Addressing Teen Dating Violence Grant Program”, CVWU is currently partnered with  Family and Community Resources, Inc.(FCR), an agency supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro South(BGCMS), a community-based youth development organization, to provide healthy relationships training for youth ages 12-18 and helping adults residing in the City of Brockton.

The mission of FCR is to provide a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for all survivors of trauma, including those impacted by domestic and sexual violence, substance abuse, bereavement, and other causes. With the understanding that the aim of equality and justice is ongoing, we are committed to modeling diversity, inclusivity, and equity within our organization to reflect the communities in which we serve. Learn more about FCR at

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